Inside Look

New Rollover Option

Minimize your account fees to set your money free. Announcing the new, streamlined account rollover option.

As a WiseBanyan client, you already know that lower fees = higher returns. However, if you have outside investment accounts you may be paying (high) management, trading, and/or mutual fund fees.

We know the hardest part about rollovers is getting started, but it’s now super easy to start from your dashboard. Once you get “rolling,” we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way!

Rolling accounts over to WiseBanyan can save you a ton of money and help your funds stay invested for additional compound returns. Better yet, you’ll have everything in one place to make tracking your progress even easier.

Why Rollover?

Grow Together

Transfer outside IRAs into your Retirement milestone for updated auto-deposit recommendations and see how your future is shaping up in one place.

Respark Old Accounts

Do you have old 401(k)s or other employer-sponsored accounts sitting around? Easily roll these over to save yourself of the time and costs required to manage them.

Tax Advantages

Since IRAs and other retirement accounts have tax-advantages, you shouldn’t incur tax consequences with your rollovers!

Go to your account funding page to start your account transfer or join WiseBanyan today.

Photo by Ricardo Rocha on Unsplash

Brian Ramirez Brian is the CEO of WiseBanyan.